Sunday, November 27, 2016

Several German and British WW2 motorcycles for sale

Several German and British WW2 motorcycles for sale

1940 BSA M20, 95% restored, almost finished SOLD

Triumph 3HW, unspoiled condition with many og features still in place. To restore SOLD

Zundapp DB250, all og, has been converted to civilized motorcycle after the war (new paint and chrome), just needs grey Paint to be perfect. Many og details still present (Norris horn, RIBE bolts, drilastic seats, BOSCH headlight etc.) €5500

Zundapp DB200, found in Normandy after the war, even has its og tires, unfinished restoration. Matching nr fame and engine €4500

Matchless G3L, after the war it was found in a forest in Germany. It has been restored and also shows many og details. German papers.

Please contact us for more information.

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