Sunday, February 17, 2019

Opel 6 1936 with bulletholes


Excelsior Welbike Mk2


Ford M20

(The Netherlands)

1944 M7 Priest for sale


Renault UE Tank "Beutepanzer" used by the Germans during WW2

Im sure you dream about owning a German tank in your life at some point, but most of us will never do!

However this might be your chance. This Renaul was used by the Germans during WW2. It has the waffenambt stamp still in its ID plate. 
It was found in Danmark were it was used as a snowplow on a small airfield.
It was a runner up to 5 years ago and could run again with little effort.
It is mostly complete, all original ID plates on Hull and engine are present.
The missing parts can be obtained by a French company who restores this type of tank.

Its total weight is around 2500 KG so can be towed behind most vans quite easily. This tank will fit in your garage and is easy to work on!

Worldwide shipping can be arranged. 

Price on request.

Vehicle location: Airborne Garage, The Netherlands.

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1943 Horch Typ 40 901 V8

Recently acquired out of a German private collection.

A Horch Typ 40 V8 from 1943.

With German vehicle papers and its original partsbook.
Its original V8 engine runs nice and everything on this truck works. It also comes with its canvas sidewindows.
The last years it has not been used frequently and could use some brake work.
Overall a very nice example and not easy to come by.
Great vehicle to drive in Normandy next year.
Good solid investment as these things are very very rare to come by and even the replicas sell for 6 figure prices.
We can assist with worldwide shipping.

Vehicle location: Airborne Garage - The Netherlands

More information:

1941 Mercedes L3000S Meiller Tippertruck Wehrmacht LKW

This Mercedes L3000 S Diesel was sold new in 1941 to Spain.
It has all the same Wehrmacht specifications, Waffenambt stamps etc as the German version.
However this one never has seen heavy combat. Apart from some new paint and upholstery it is all original.
Even the wood is still its original one!
It was in a private collection in Spain and has not been used frequently the last years.
It runs and drives, but the brakes needs some attention from sitting so long. It is a rare Meiller Tipper version.
All hinges and hardware are marked Meiller DRP (Deutsch Reich Patent).
Very rare truck to obtain, especially so original as this one is.
All small details, dataplates and original bolts are still there! Incredribly nice truck.
Price on request, but higher price level.
Much rarer as an Opel Blitz.

Please sent us an email if you need more information.
Vehicle location: Airborne Garage - The Netherlands