Monday, April 27, 2015

1945 Leyland Hippo for sale Mk2a 2500 miles since new zu verkaufen, te koop, a vendre

For Sale
1944 Leyland Hippo, Military release condition. 
Never civilian registered!
Unrestored, all og and preserved very well.

2500 miles since new.
Runs great and brakes are working as well. Very rare to find so original and good. Original 7.4 liter Diesel engine still in place.
Comes with an extra set of Matador tyres and rims.
Worldwide shipping can be arranged.
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Chevrolet C60L for sale zu verkaufen a vendre te koop

1945 Chevrolet C60L

2000 miles on speedometer since new!
In original unrestored patina'd condition,

It was released from French army in 1980 and dry stored at a collector since last year. It was never civilian registered and all original.
Everything was preserved for long term storage, waxed and sealed.
We did the wake up work on it, rebuilt the brakes, changed the fluids, replaced batteries.
This Chevrolet is really as original as it gets, never repainted.
The low mileage of 2000 miles is noticeable. It runs so quite and smooth, we never experienced this before. The patina is awesome and gives this vehicle an unique character.
Are you looking for something special, something that will not come by soon anymore for a decent price, grab your chance now.
Worldwide shipping available
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

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BMW R75 for sale Wehrmacht kradmelder, 1943 zu verkaufen a vendre te koop

Just acquired out of a private German collection.
One owner for last 25 years.
1943 BMW R75 in running and driving condition. Comes with all accessories shown in the fotos. Worldwide shipping available
Price on request,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

VW Volkswagen Typ 82 kubelwagen kdf for sale, zu verkaufen, a vendre

Coming soon, 1944 kubel!!
More info, please contact us,

Diamond T wrecker for sale, a vendre, for sale

Only 7900 miles since new


1941 GMC CCKW B1 JIMMY te koop for sale a vendre zu verkaufen

GMC CCKW 353 B1 1941 GBP 9500

GMC CCKW 353 from 1941 on split axles and with winch! NO RUST!
Bought from a collector who bought them years ago straight from the Norwegian army.
Never civil registered, in army release condition and that is noticable.
Very clean and unspoiled, runs great. Needs some wake up work for being not on the road for such a long time.
Body, cargo bed, tyres, all in very good condition!
Why restore one if you can buy the good stuff?
€12500/ GBP9500 We can assist in worldwide shipping.
More info? sent us an email to