Friday, November 27, 2015

1942 International M5 Halftrack

For Sale 1942 International Halftrack

A couple of years ago this halftrack was fully restored and time nor money have been spared to achieve the best result possible. In and out really as new. Runs and drives great.
It has got a rebuilt engine, new paint, new tyres, new seats and canvas. Check out the fotos and see how good it is.
Belgian vehicle documents.
Price on request.
We ship worldwide. As long as this item is listed it is still for sale.
Inquires, sent us an email to

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sd.Kfz HK101 NSU Kettenkrad te koop, for sale, zu verkaufen, a vendre

NSU Kettenkrad 1943 for sale

1943 Sd.Kfz 2 NSU HK101 Kettenkrad 
This kettenkrad has survived time and is  in a very nice unspoiled condition. Recently bought from a collector who had it for more as 20 years.
Last years not driven much. Runs and drives ok, but could use a tune up.
According its former owner it was used by the Jagdgeschwader in Norway (Famous luftwaffe wing during ww2), to pull out the fighter planes out of their hangars. It looks like a very unspoiled example with many original features still in place. I noticed many of the original Ribe bolts, original WW2 nr plate, front and back og Notek lights, original worklight, flametorch (to unfreeze frozen tracks during harse winter times), original fuel tanks, canvas cover, first aid basket and so on. It also comes with a few spares like trackwheels, trackparts, extra carburator etc.  Belgian registration is present. More fotos are ofcourse available. Worldwide shipping can be arranged. Price on asking.
More information can be acquired thru or +31641845859

1944 Ford M8 Light armoured car for sale a vendre te koop zu verkaufen

1944 Ford M8 armoured car for sale

Very original and unspoiled. Runs great. Many original accessories are present. (radio, extra lights, flashlights, siren, towhitch, ammo and ammo boxes, headset, etc).
Comes with deact. 37mm maingun and .50 machine gun, if you have a license to own it.
In 2005 it is also signed by Forrest L Guth, an original member of Easy Company during ww2.
This vehicle runs great and everything works.
All hatches and parts are stamped and show their original nrs. This vehicle is not messed around with and is very well preserved.
It is for sale untill marked sold.
More information can be obtained by sending us an email to

1942 Closed cab 353 B1 only €8950 / 6600 GBP for sale zu verkaufen a vendre te koop

GMC 353 A1 closed cab

Series III built in october 1942.
Very well preserved. All data plates present. Very decent cargo body.
Nice patina . Well maintained. In the last years a lot have been replaced like the brake system, NOS carburator, NOS distributor and DELCO regulator and Autolite generator. Registered and comes with valid paperwork. You can drive it anywhere!
Nice low price of only €8950 or 6600 GBP.
Why do a lot of work and spent more on a project. Step in and enjoy!
We can assist with shipping.
This vehicle remains for sale untill marked as sold.