Friday, November 17, 2017

1945 Typ 82 VW Kubelwagen te koop, for sale, a vendre, zu verkaufen

Amazing find. Incredibly well preserved 1945 Kubelwagen. Real survivor, most metal is still original and shows traces of being a true survivor of WW2.
Body, chassis, doors, engine decklid, all original steel! When did you see a kubel like this. Most of them are complete wrecks or are overrestored with just and alone replica sheetmetal.  Comes with many accessories like sidewindows, jack, late model wooden toolbox, shovel, jerrycan, first aid kit, airpump, crankstart etc. Gearbox is original, steering wheel original (except hornbutton) front axle is original, engine is a 30HP from the 50ties.
This kubel shows real traces of war and most parts of it have seen the war.  In my opinion a  rare find.
Just purchases out of a private collection where it stood for 10 years untouched. Engine runs, but vehicle could use a small tune-up, because of sitting so long. Price, please ask.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Austin K2-GS for sale te koop zu verkaufen a vendre 1944


Austin K2-GS from 1944 with AB Fletcher cargo bed. Imported from the UK about 10 years ago. Runs and drives ok. It has been restored maybe 20 years ago, now shows some traces of usage but is still very presentable. Canvas perfect. Bunkbed in cargobed. Comes with many original documentation and accessories, service invoices etc. After World War 2 this truck has been used by the RAfFon Jersey Island. Under the bonnet there is still an original contract number visible but I havent figured out what the nr means yet: WNR/761926/L.
Pretty rare and uncommon vehicle lately. Brakes have been redone last year and everything has been fully serviced. Electrics are converted to 12 volt for easy starting and better visability during long road trips.

Ford GP early Jeep for sale te koop zu verkaufen a vendre 1941


Ford GP from 17-09-1941, ex Weathcroft collection. Runs and drives ok. Older restoration, but still looks very nice! Engine # GB14998, Chassis # 14971. Canvas, brakes, running gear all in good working order.

Jeep Ford GPW for sale te koop zu verkaufen a vendre

1943 Ford GPW.
Very clean, original and unspoiled GPW. No rust. new canvas roof and seats. Fully serviced and ready to go. Many "F" marked parts still present. Ex-Portugese military museum. €25000
Worldwide shipping can be arranged.

1943 GMC CCKW 352 for sale te koop zu verkaufen a vendre


1943 GMC CCKW Closed cab, short wheel base, with winch, split axles and wooden cargo bed. What else does a  man need. This truck is sweat. No work needed, fully equipped and comes with all accessories as shown in the fotos. Good tires, good brakes, wooden steeringwheel, first aid kit, pioneers set, jerry cans etc. Ready to roll! Save yourself the trouble, money and work and enjoy it s