Saturday, May 21, 2016

Typ 82 vw kubelwagen for sale zu verkaufen a vendre te koop

1943 fully operational Volkswagen kubelwagen type 82

Runs, drives, stops, no rust thru's, all electrics are in working order.
German vehicle documents, wartime engine. 
80ties restoration, so with shiny paint and a nice mixture of wartime and postwar parts, but because it was restored in this period almost no replica parts to discover. Original AMBI BUDD body with body nr, og hood frame etc. 
Still 6 volt, correct Notek and og headlights, correct shifter knob, horn button etc. Some imperfections, but you can drive as is and work on the details later on.
Remember, this kubel can be used straigt away. 
Price on asking. We can assist in worldwide shipping.
This vehicle remains for sale untill marked as sold.
Price on asking.
Please sent us an email to if you wish to have more information about this vehicle.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

For Sale - Zu Verkaufen - A Vendre - Te Koop Willys MB WW2 Jeep 1942

Original WW2 Willys MB from 1942

We just got in this very original and mostly original Willys MB from 1942. It has still many og features like its og chassis plate, ww2 original Willys engine, combat rims, og tub, og rifle holder, original Carter carburator, cloth wiring and very correct underneath the hood. 
It comes with many accessories like Jerry can, shovel, axle, greasegun, fireextinguisher etc. This Willys runs and drives ok and the engine runs like a clock.
Take a look at the fotos. This is not an overrestored Willys just a nice og little Jeep with some dings and dents. Lots of character!
This Jeep remains for sale untill marked as sold.
Worldwide shipping can be arranged.
Please contact us for more information at

For Sale - Zu Verkaufen - Te Koop - A vendre Original WW2 Excelsior Welbike MK2 1943 with container and droppingchute

Unique set for sale: Welbike including its droppingcontainer and droppingchute!

As Airborne Garage we are proud to offer you this unique set. We were able to buy a restored original WW2 Excelsior Welbike Mk2 with its restored dropping container and original WW2 dated droppingchute.
Restored to very high standards. Great display piece in museum or mancave!
Please take a look at the fotos how nice this set has been restored.
Price on request, more inquiries can be done by sending us an email to
Worldwide shipping can be arranged!
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For Sale - Zu Verkaufen - A Vendre - Te Koop GMC 353 Tippertruck

GMC CCKW 353 Tippertruck

Out of a private collection we are proud to offer this original unrestored GMC CCKW 353 Tippertruck. All untouched and og. Runs great. Hydraulics work fine too and nice og weathered cargo canvas. This is a thru survivor. Never been used in cicilian life. Runs and drives ok. Brakes are functional. Nice truck with a lot of character and patina. Like it came straight from WW2.
It comes with Belgian vehicle documents.
Price €12500,- . Worldwide shipping can be arranged.
This truck remains for sale, untill marked as sold.
For more information, please contact us at

For Sale - Zu Verkaufen - A vendre - Te Koop GMC 352 B1

1941 GMC CCKW 352 B1 Like new!

Ex-Norwegian Army early closed cab GMC. This truck was hardly used after WW2 and sold to a private person in the nineties who brought it bacl to life. The truck was a low mileage truck to start with with no rust at all. The vehicle was carefully dismantled, cleaned and painted and slowly put back together. All the running gear has been gone thru. It is a very very reliable truck. Steers and rives like a new one. All new brakes, tyres, seals, fluids etc.
One of the nicest you will find. Rare to find in this condition and model (SWB on split axles) Really a pleasure to drive and no work needed. This was not just a quick repaint, but a detailed and very corrrect restoration back to new.
This GMC remains for sale, untill marked as sold.
For more inquiries, please contact us at