Monday, October 2, 2023

StuG Sturmgeschutz Ausfuhrung G for Panzer Tank Char for sale te koop zu verkaufen a vendre

 StuG Ausfuhrung G for sale

Airborne Garage B.V. is proud to offer this unique item.

An unique opportunity to own a real German WW2 tank which you can actually use! A true survivor of WW2 a real Sturmgeschutz Ausfuhrung G. It was built in 1944 at Alkett (Altmärkische Kettenwerk GmbH) in Berlin.
This example was purchased from the Finnish army and had a five year restoration to its 1944 German condition, including the Schurzen anti bazooka shields.
It is all one tank,not made up from scrap pieces, all the mechanical drive system and ZF gearbox are rebuilt original pieces.
The unreliable Maybach engine has been replaced with a 1940's GMC V12 11 litre petrol engine.
This gives the same power,sound and smell but can be used as needed as spares are easily available.
It has a Zimmerit coating and the correct three colour camo.
Marked from a photo of a Stug at Arnhem battle.
Its gun comes with a deactivation certificate.
As accessories it comes with its original radio equipment and original "big ear" binoculars.
Worldwide shipping can be arranged.
Price on request.


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    1. I wish I had the money to buy this cause I sure as hell would. Unless you give it to me for free xD

  2. Also, what is the price (please be free)

    1. Asking about 1,5 milion GBP real worth as grade 3 restoration level one piece but removed post war modifications fake zimmerit camouflage that it never wear before and hiding armour surface without original engine Maybach worth 150 000 Euro I think you could buy it for 1 300 000 GBP and it very honest price for quick sale